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Operation method of hanging ironing machine

Release time:2023-06-20 15:54:01      Clicks:131


1. Steam hanging press When ironing pants, use an ordinary hanger to hang on the top of the ironing, and it is best to wear anti-hot gloves.

2. When ironing the bottom of the clothes, hold both sides of the clothes, pull tight for pressing, and be alert to the hot steam of the steam nozzle. (A more convenient way is to use a splint to iron, not afraid of hot hands and good ironing clothes.)

3. When ironing the collar, it is generally easier to turn the collar over and iron it from the back.

4. When the sleeves of the clothes are ironed, the sleeves should be straightened slightly, and the steam nozzle should press the sleeves for a longer time, pressing back and forth.

Tips for use:

First, try not to lack water, although there are internal temperature control and other protective measures, but still pay attention.

The second is maintenance, after using for a period of time, feel small gas, with white vinegar and water 1∶1 mixed, from the water into, shaking repeatedly, the bottom of the machine to open the descaling valve, let go, and then rinse with water several times, until there is basically no vinegar taste.

The third is the skills of ironing clothes, thick clothes with large power, silk and other thin clothes with small power, close to the point, slow. In addition, when ironing pants, you can use a spray clip, if not, you can put the pants on a flat surface, with a smooth metal nozzle, instead of a flat iron, to achieve press flat.

After use, apply a professional dust cover to avoid falling soil and prevent the color of the external plastic part from fading or yellowing.

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