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What are the classifications of hanging ironing machines

Release time:2022-06-22 15:55:41      Clicks:131

The vertical steam ironing machine was invented by the Americans in 1946, when it was mainly used for high-grade tailors and noble families, suitable for fabrics, silk, wool, cotton, hemp materials, especially in the home of clothing, fabric sofa, curtains, bedding indispensable ironing equipment.

Hanging ironing machine is divided into hand-held hanging ironing machine, ordinary steam hanging ironing machine, pressure type steam hanging ironing machine.

Hand-held steam hanging press: small and easy to carry, it is good to carry and use when traveling, but thick clothes are difficult to iron and the service life of the machine is low.

Ordinary hanging ironing machine, generally using straight-through steam heating principle, steam pressure is small, steam flow is small, generally only 27-32g per minute, the steam temperature of the air outlet is high, the effect of ironing needle silk chemical fiber clothes is obvious, the effect of ironing heavy clothes generally needs to be ironed repeatedly!

Pressure type steam hanging ironing machine, general pump pumping, while the heater closed design, steam pressure, steam flow, steam jet distance. The air output is 30g, the air outlet temperature is low, the principle is the same as the high pressure cleaning machine. Ironing ordinary clothes and heavy clothes work equally well!

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