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Precautions for hanging ironing machine

Release time:2023-06-20 15:54:30      Clicks:139

■ Before use, be careful that the hot coagulated water is sprayed out of the jet hole

■ Vertical up and down ironing, do not flat ironing, this will cause the nozzle water

■ Do not place or drizzle in water or liquid

■ Pay attention to the safety of plugs, sockets and power supplies. Do not drag or pull plugs

■ Do not let the plug contact the heating position, let the body cool after use and then clear the water storage can be stored

■ When not used for a long time, clear the water storage and remove the plug

■ Do not use damaged sockets, if damaged, please inform the professional maintenance, incorrect maintenance will lead to damage, fire and electric shock accidents

■ Pay attention to the mechanical operation when using, do not approach children

■ Do not touch the hot position or steam, carefully remove the remaining water, pay attention to hot water and hot gas burns

■ If the power cord is found damaged, please go to the designated repair point to replace

■ Do not turn on the power supply before adding water

■ Make sure the power supply is disconnected before cleaning

■ It is forbidden to start the power first and then add water to prevent dry burning

■ If the power cord is damaged, please go to the designated repair department of Red Heart to replace it

■ For indoor use only

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